The self-closing frost-free hydrant

The self-closing frost-free hydrant
The self-closing yard hydrant has a simple principle which allows municipalities to have as many outdoor faucets as they need available all year long, without having to worry about draining them in the winter.

To turn on the water, you need to push down on the head of the hydrant, and as soon as you stop the pressure, it will close automatically, which reduces the waste of water.

It replaces all the parts of a traditional installation

which makes it more economical.


This hydrant is intended for watering, cleaning, and giving water to animals. It is not intended to provide water for human consumption.

Pressure maximum advised 3 bars

ReferenceConnection water lineConnection hoseWeightUnderground connectionAbove groundtotal lenght
Y1275023/4", 20/273/4", 20/277,12kg60cm80cm1,40m
Y1275033/4", 20/273/4", 20/277,94kg90cm80cm1,70m