The Anyflow frost free hydrant

The Anyflow high capacity frost free hydrant
The Anyflow yard hydrant is 1 inch/26/34 high capacity diameter, allow you to have as many outdoor faucets as you need all year long, without having to worry about draining them in the winter.

It replaces all the parts of a traditional hydrant which makes it a more economical installation.

The Anyflow can be locked to be protected from vandalism. The same principle is used by the C1000 and all Merrill mfg frost-free hydrants: they drain automatically to prevent any damage due to freezing temperatures.

It is available different lengths – see chart, or contact us for other custom lengths.

Who can use it?

● Farmers, horse centers ● Municipalities : wash bays, parks, gardens, cemeteries, sports fields, etc. ● Water companies, sewer plants, wash       stations, etc. ● Military, airports, harbors ● Zoos ● Attraction parks


Information : The Hide-Drant, the C1000, self-closing hydrant and the AnyFlow are intended to be used for watering, washing, giving water to animals, but not for providing water for human consumption.

Maximum water pressure advised 6 bars

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