The removable Hide-Drant

The removable Hide-Drant for as many temporary water spigot as needed
The removable Hide-Drant will satisfy all your needs with its aesthetic and its practicality.

● You will be the only one to have access to the water with the stand pipe, which has a custom thread, therefore reducing vandalism and water waste.

● With one single stand pipe, you can access as many water bases as you have installed. The bases are a lot less expensive than a traditional   installation or a floor hydrant.

● It cannot freeze, since it is removed after usage.

● It is also easier to install and a lot more economical than a traditional installation.

How does it work:

To access the water, you just need to introduce the stand pipe into the base, make two turns clock wise to open the water, and the third turn will allow you to orient the faucet head in the direction that you need. The base has a custom thread, which allows only someone with the Merrill   stand pipe to open the water. After usage, you just need to remove the stand pipe, and put the cap back on. It is recommended to secure the top of the hydrant in a plastic or metal valve box.

Who can use it:

Municipalities : They use the removable hydrant for markets, roundabouts, parks, gardens, and anywhere you need water temporarily. ●

Builders, home builders and construction companies: The employee arrives in the morning, inserts the stand pipe, uses as much water as necessary, and removes it in the evening. No more theft of faucets or water, and no frozen pipes in the morning.

● For patios around swimming pools ● Golf courses ● Landscapers ● Individuals (for around a pool or a garden)

This hydrant is intended for watering, cleaning, and giving water to animals. It is not intended to provide water for human consumption.


Maximum pressure advised 4 bars

ReferenceConnection water line sizeConnection hose sizeWeightUndergroundabove groundtotale lenght
HIDESS27502 Robinet & Base3/4", 20/273/4", 20/273,58kg60cm70cm1.30m
HIDESS27503 Robinet & Base3/4", 20/273/4", 20/274,31kg90cm70cm1.60m
HIDETSS27502 Vanne & Base3/4", 20/273/4", 20/272,68kg60cm25cm0.85m
HIDETSS27503 Vanne & Base3/4", 20/273/4", 20/273,40kg90cm25cm1.15m
HIDEBCS27502 Base seule3/4", 20/273/4", 20/270,86kg60cm0.90m
HIDEBCS27503 Base seule3/4", 20/273/4", 20/271,90kg90cm0.90m